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Wedding Ceremonies

We are officially licenced to hold civil wedding ceremonies at Ashwells and our superb surroundings provide the perfect backdrop to your special day.

Both indoor and outdoor ceremonies are conducted, depending upon the weather. Why not add that extra special touch to your day by arriving in a horse-drawn carriage?

Staff at Ashwells are highly experienced in event organisation that you and your guests will enjoy the best possible service throughout the day from the very moment you arrive.

Bookings are taken months and often years in advance so be sure to book early to avoid disappointment.

Essex County Council Registration Service

Guidance For Those Who Wish To Marry In Approved Premises

1. As soon as you have made provisional arrangements for your marriage on approved premises you should contact the superintendent registrar for the district on which the premises are situated i.e. The Register Office, 1 Seven Arches Road, Brentwood, CM14 4JG. Telephone (01277) 233565.

2. Without the presence of this superintendent registrar and a registrar there can be no marriage and any arrangements for the use of the premises depend entirely on their availability. Although the County Council has appointed some additional staff, it can give no guarantee that a superintendent registrar and/or registrar of marriages will be available on any particular occasion and it accepts no responsibility for any matter arising as a result of such non-availability.

3. You will also have to give a notice of marriage to the superintendent registrar(s) of the district(s) in which you live. This notice, which is valid for twelve months, must be given in person by each of you at least fifteen days before the wedding is due to take place. Both of you should, therefore, attend the register office where they live as soon as possible after notice can be given. If you both live in different districts, then each of you will have to give notice in your own district. A separate fee is payable for each notice.

4. If either of you are subject to immigration control there will be further procedures to take before marriage notice can be given. The local superintendent registrar can advise further on these procedures.

5. Please note that any arrangements made for a marriage to take place on the approved premises are dependent on:

a) the attendance of the superintendent registrar and a registrar for the district in which the premises are situated: and,
b) the issue of the authority or authorities for marriage by the superintendent registrar(s) to whom the notice of marriage was given.

6. When notice is given in a different registration district from the one where the marriage is taking place, you will have to collect each authority before the ceremony and ensure that it is delivered to the registrar who is to attend the ceremony.

7. You are advised that any ceremony conducted on the approved premises shall not be religious in nature. In particular, the ceremony shall not:

(a) include extracts from an authorised religious marriage service or from sacred religious texts;
(b) be led by a minister of religion or other religious leader;
(c) involve a religious ritual or series of rituals;
(d) include hymns or other religious chants; or
(e) include any form of worship.

The marriage ceremony may include readings, songs or music that contain an incidental reference to a god or deity on an essentially non-religious context. For this purpose, any material used by way of introduction to, in any interval between parts of, or by way of conclusion to the proceedings shall be treated as forming part of the ceremony. The content of the ceremony must be agreed in advance with the superintendent registrar and registrar of marriages are unable to attend any rehearsal of the marriage ceremony at the approved premises.

8. Any rights of copyright for music, readings etc permitted at the ceremony are a matter for the couple and the holder of the approval.

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